Want to learn the real causes of acne, and be free from cleansers, antibiotics and creams?

  • Tired of blasting your face with endless different cleansers every day?
  • Are you tired of getting excited about a new face wash, only to realise it’s as useless as the last one?
  • Do you believe that acne cannot truly be controlled? A condition that can only be managed and not cured?
  • Do you want to discover the hidden secrets that will free you from using harsh topical treatments ever again?

From the desk of Richard Wolfstein:

I’ve been furiously researching all matters of acne since my mid-teens. I used to believe the age-old claims – that you can kill pimples using anti-bacterial scrubs, moisturisers, and face washes to remove oil. That hormones are an unstoppable pimple-creating juggernaut which you can only manage rather than control…

…but looking at study after study, it became apparent that almost everything a teenager is told about acne is a lie - in a good way. I discovered a whole new world of acne clearing strategies, one that I and almost all acne patients were totally unaware of. From being in full pizza-face mode for many years, I slowly but steadily brought my acne down to nothing.

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There are gurus everywhere who say that curing acne is as unachievable as making water flow uphill - that it’s impossible and only their kale-only diets or lemon juice can help you. That’s rubbish. You don’t want to follow alternative health quackery, and you don’t want to follow rusty, out-of-date official recommendations from the American Academy of Dermatology.

You need to join the common-sense school of health. I didn’t cure my acne by listening to specific groups of people – I analysed every study I could get my hands on and created logical strategies accordingly. You have to forge your own acne-clearing path. Each year, millions of people fall for hype – what you need is the truth.


Treat the problem - not the symptoms

One point I always hammer home to anyone with acne is that “you don’t need topical treatments”. That is a fact – you can enjoy completely clear skin, while only spending five minutes a day cleaning your face. About 350 days of the year, I only use soap and water. But still, I only ever get pimples when I eat a cheat week loaded with sugary chocolate, cakes, and pizza.

Consider this. How many eight year old kids wash their face for an hour each morning? How many use any facial cleansers at all? And how many have a faceful of acne?! The truth is, any hygiene based treatment only puts a plaster on the problem. That applies to both chemicals like Benzoyl Peroxide and natural treatments like honey.

It’s all well and good to calm down an individual pimple using aloe vera – that’s a decent short term strategy. But if a new family of pimples comes roaring back, ready for you to witness in the mirror with a sinking feeling the next morning, it’s still pointless.


Get the knowledge - not the chemicals!

FACT: it doesn’t matter how pumped up with hormones you are, how acne­-prone your genetics are, or how much money you have. Anyone can cure acne. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just a few pimples, or whether you’re so pimple-ridden people cannot recognise you. Clear skin is possible for everyone.

Dermatologists might blandly state that diet has no effect on your skin at all. But consider the nutrient zinc. Zinc is one of the most important dietary minerals. It is obtained from meat, seafood, eggs, and seeds. Zinc deficiency is common, with vast swathes of the world’s population affected. 

Look at these studies:


Study 1 – scientists gathered 87 people – 40 with acne and 47 without – and compared their bloodstream zinc levels. While the rate of deficiency in the clear skinned group was 10%, a staggering 54.1% of the acne patients had a zinc deficiency.

 Study 2 – scientists conducted a double blind study on 54 acne patients, who were either given a placebo or 0.6g of zinc sulphate daily. After six weeks, the zinc group experienced a 33% reduction in acne.

Study 3 – scientists gathered 332 acne patients and gave them 30mg of zinc gluconate daily, double the minimum daily allowance. After three months, almost every patient enjoyed a reduction in pimples. The average was a 49.8% reduction, but many patients enjoyed improvements of over 66%.


Seeing as we get our zinc from food, it’s clear that revolutionising your diet can revolutionise your skin too. And zinc is just one nutrient!


The foods you eat are the most powerful tools for controlling all areas of your health. Foods can help you get slim, fruit and vegetables can keep your heart strong, eating less sugar can prevent your teeth from rotting away…

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…and your skin is the single largest organ in your body. Acne is a bodily condition like any other. In fact, acne is astonishingly simple to control – once you’ve got the correct knowledge.  

Ask yourself:

-How many celebrities, with all their cosmetic wizardry, would have truly beautiful, radiant and glowing skin if you saw them without make-up?

-When your dermatologist tells you that neither chocolate nor milk cause acne, and that it’s just a silly myth, does your heart really believe it? Do your instincts and experience agree?

-After spending a day on a sunny beach, did you imagine the massive difference in your skin by the evening? Or did your acne get a lot better or worse after all?

Here’s the truth: that diet cannot affect acne is possibly the greatest myth in the entire medicinal world, ever.

Then there’s the many hidden lifestyle tricks. Is a hot shower or a warm one ideal? Confused dermatologists would say it makes no difference, but four years ago, having a cold shower every day for two months supercharged my skin tone more than any topical treatments ever did.

The library of dietary and lifestyle acne-clearing strategies is so vast that cosmetic companies would be terrified if they comprehended it.

Become an acne-proof superhuman!

When it comes to your diet, you’ve got to avoid the unhealthiest ingredients like sugar and bad fats. But where many gurus don’t focus is on strengthening your entire system. If you pump your body full of nutrition, and especially the right nutrition, you can become nearly immune to the inflammation from sugar. You can become immune from acne full-stop.

All of our bodies are exposed to threats on a daily basis, but the difference between those who get acne and those who don’t is a strong body. A body that’s weak and one that can repel acne with ease.


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I’ve seen many acne patients fall down in this way. They eat some healthy foods, like apples or bananas, and they eliminate the traditionally suspicious foods like dairy and chocolate. But they don’t have the extra specific knowledge, the advanced super-foods that can make blocked pores harmless; that can prevent inflamed skin from turning to acne.

I’ve got some pretty bad genetics for acne – my skin remains oily to this day. But I don’t get acne, and I don’t have to be super strict either. I can eat a sugary chocolate bar one day and not get any pimples, because I’m pumping my body with so many healthy compounds on a daily basis. You can do this too!



What you'll learn in this book could not be simpler:



    You will learn the detailed science behind how acne forms. How does a pimple form in the first place? What causes oily skin, which hormones are the real villains? Are genes important? What other unknown bodily factors play a role?


    With a solid base of knowledge, you’ll learn about the perfect diet for acne. What are the three biggest dietary villains behind acne – one is sugar, what are the other two? Why are some meats terrible for your skin while others are amazing? Are fish oil tablets overrated? Which fruits and vegetables are the best for acne? Do acne patients have to forgo the pleasure of chocolate, or is it a myth?


    We will discuss the remaining lifestyle factors. We will discuss the connection between stress and acne, whether sunshine exposure helps or hinders acne, and the role of sleep deprivation. We’ll also discuss the plague of environmental chemicals, a phenomenon behind many people’s acne and many other health problems.



Any strategy that can affect acne in even the most insignificant way, this book will cover it. We will discuss every nook and cranny, whether minor or massive. When it comes to acne and health more generally, I’m a firm believer in the old “every little helps” philosophy. The goal is to give you every available weapon for your acne-fighting arsenal, to give you the best possible chance.

What you choose to do with those weapons is then up to you. In all likelihood, you won’t have to implement even two thirds of them. There’s so much information in here that anyone can cure acne. Some strategies are more important than others, and we will discuss which are truly essential. But you’ll have the freedom to pick and choose many of them, to pick the ones that are convenient for you.

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It’s time to wave goodbye to acne once and for all. Rest assured, once you’ve implemented the dietary and lifestyle strategies in this book, it takes nearly no effort to maintain them.


The acne-ridden phase of your life will be over. Your skin will be constantly clear – you won’t need any topical treatments. With your ecstatically beautiful skin, you’ll unleash your potential and be the best the looking person you can possible be!


You’ll save a ton of time, and be free from anxiety. You’ll never think “will he/she notice that pimple, have I covered it up properly, are my pimples really that bad compared to everyone else’s”.


Don’t sit around waiting for your life to happen! Go and seize it by the horns!


If I wasn’t in the game of curing people’s acne and researching it, then I would never have to think about pimples these days. The same can be true for you. Don’t wait to take action. Another week delayed is another week with a mask of pimples.  

100% risk free!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee


What results can you expect?

  • 1

    Dramatic improvements within weeks

  • 2

    Steady and consistent improvements for months afterwards.

  • 3

    Eventually, no acne at all. Strong skin that doesn’t cycle back and forth between pimples.

Of course, you’ve got to implement the dietary and lifestyle changes in this book. It’ll take some time to calculate the specific foods that are optimal for you


...but once you’ve got the formula in place, you simply keep going. Coupled with the freedom from topical treatments, you will save a ton of time each day.  

What's inside?


Your guide to truly curing acne. They say it can’t be done, but it has been, by thousands of clear-skinned people all over the world. You’ll get a 167 page arsenal of the best strategies available.


Annihilate Your Acne is only $19.99!

Purchase Annihilate your Acne now and you will receive an instant PDF download. You can start IMMEDIATELY.

If you’re not pleased with the information on offer, or if it simply doesn’t work for you, then let me know within sixty days and you’ll get a 100% refund, no questions asked.

But remember: there's enough information packed in here for almost every acne patient on earth to get clear.

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The time for acne is over!


 Be the best you can be, and show the doubters and con-artists on the internet how to really deal with acne!


See you in the clear-skin club.


Richard Wolfstein